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  • So, You Want to be a Vegetarian?

    What are the benefits of living life as a vegetarian? According to a study from 2012, the mortality rate of vegetarians was 9% lower than non-vegetarians with the added benefit of lower risks for certain diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. However, vegetarianism is not an end-... View Post
  • Bob's Burgers Partnership Sounds Gouda to Me

    If you haven’t wanted to try the burgers featured on the “Burger of the Month” on Bob’s Burgers, then can you really call yourself a Bob’s Burgers fan?! If you do want to try the burgers, then you are in luck! In a partnership with Blue Apron, 20th Century Fox, and Eggslut chef Alvin Cailan, you ... View Post
  • Good by Avocado?!

    By: Psyche Terry Having a top ranking hair line that is all about avocado may lead you to believe I’m in love with Avocado! Well, I must say, I am! I absolutely love it in my hair and OB my salads and even raw! My hubby even loves this avocado toast craze. Avocado is the best, so why are we e... View Post