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So, You Want to be a Vegetarian?

What are the benefits of living life as a vegetarian? According to a study from 2012, the mortality rate of vegetaria...

Bob's Burgers Partnership Sounds Gouda to Me

If you haven’t wanted to try the burgers featured on the “Burger of the Month” on Bob’s Burgers, then can you really ...

Good by Avocado?!

By: Psyche Terry Having a top ranking hair line that is all about avocado may lead you to believe I’m in love wit...

Yum! Trending Top 5 Foods for 2018

By: Psyche Terry Here are WholeFoods top trending foods of 2018 1. Floral Flavors On spring break we had edible purp...

McDonald's to reduce is ecological footprint by phasing out plastic straws!

By: Tomide Olowoyo Starting in May, McDonald's is making moves to reduce some of its ecological footprint by phasing...

Move over Doritos, Taco Bell is now selling chips in stores!

By: Ima Linzag Chips and dip have been a staple at parties and get-togethers, basically since the dawn of modern tim...

Watermelon is the Best Fruit?!

by Tomide Olowoyo Watermelon is an ancient fruit with more benefits than I ever expected. Watermelon is a fruit that ...

Nachos or Fries?

By: Tomide Olowoyo Taco Bell has officially launched its new menu item, Nacho Fries. The release comes several weeks...

Is a Fast Food Price War Looming?

Menus and prices are changing at fast food restaurants in 2018.

Butter In Your Coffee???

I know it sounds weird, but butter may be good for more than just spreading on toast and adding flavor to yummy meals...
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