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Butter In Your Coffee???

Posted by Psyche Terry on

I know it sounds weird, but butter may be good for more than just spreading on toast and adding flavor to yummy meals. Recently, there's been a new craze for Paleo dieters to add butter to coffee for a warm, creamy texture that also adds an natural extra dose of energy.

The extra energy that is being attributed to the butter is actually from the MCT oil in the butter. The oil is released upon the breakdown of the butter itself, and is naturally from Palm Oils and Coconut Oils. The truth is oils like those derived from palm and coconut do add an extra layer of fat and can help add to the "full feeling", therefore leaving you feeling more energized than a normal coffee might make you feel.

I already use coconut oil in my smoothies in the mornings and it is very filling. I add veggie protein and vitamin capsules but also a tea spoon of coconut oil. This recipe keeps me full and happy! I’m not going to be trying butter any time soon. It sounds gross and honestly, super unhealthy!


Source: http://www.thekitchn.com/whats-the-deal-with-butter-in-coffee-190911

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