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  • Mask on, Mask off

    All face masks are not created equally, but when you find the perfect one it can change your skincare game completely!  Out of the 4 face masks that Urban Hydration offers you are bound to end up with the complexion of your dreams.   What is your skin type? What are your skincare goals? Based o... View Post
  • 6 Tips to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Work

    A new year brings the opportunity to make life changes.  Everyone has had their fair share of broken New Year’s Resolutions, with 365 days in a year a slip up is bound to happen.  The secret to an achievable resolution is to be realistic! Turn 2019 into the best year yet with the following tips. ... View Post
  • For the LUHV of Family

    Family, it means something different to everyone.  The quality of family love (LUHV) experienced by a person affects them all the way from infancy into adulthood. LUHV from your family is unlike any other. These are people who you surround yourself with the most, they tend to help give your lif... View Post