Urban Hydration News Reel

  • NyMag: I’ve Finally Mastered My Twist Out — Here’s Everything I Use

    This is an excerpt from NyMag, for the full article please read here: Urban Hydration Laid & Slayed Pro Gel $8 Hold is also another key to a good twist out, especially with my hair, which can’t be trusted to maintain the curl on its own, twisted or not. I like this gel from Urban Hydra... View Post
  • Hombre1: Stylish Essentials For The Last Days of Summer

    This is an excerpt from an article on Hombre1, to read the entire article please read here: Urban HydrationUrban Hydration Soothing & Cooling Aloe Vera Leaf Daily Body Gel Moisturizer leaves your skin moisturized and smooth while fading dark spots. Lightweight and gentle enough to use daily.... View Post
  • Stuffwelike: Urban Hydration

    We all wash and hydrate ourselves every day so it makes sense to do it without the bad stuff. Urban Hydration focuses its products around fruit and plant based care mixed in with vitamins to help nourish your skin. Their vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Wash is a mixture of hemp seed oil, coconut oil,... View Post