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Yum! Trending Top 5 Foods for 2018

Posted by Marketing Team on

By: Psyche Terry

Here are WholeFoods top trending foods of 2018

1. Floral Flavors
On spring break we had edible purple  flowers in our scallops and it was amazing. The beauty and the aromatic flavor set the meal off just right! The trend of floral flavors are showing up in hearty meals and floating in drinks! Try it yourself! 
2. Super Powders
Have you heard of the turmeric and the matcha trend? I have been all over it this season! Matcha is smooth and has so many healing properties I love to have the powered in a tea once a  week. Powders like these give an immediate boost to what you are looking for and are easy to add to any meal. 
3. Functional Mushrooms
I am a fan of mushrooms on my pizza and on a big Texas size steak. But trending this year are mushroom recipes far beyond that. People are trying mushrooms while in drinks like hot tea! 
4. Feast from the Middle East
I love a good coconut curry anything and seems like the rest of western America is also figuring it out. Middle eastern food is flavorful, sometimes spicy, rich in color and many times subtlety sweet.  
5. Transparency 2.0
My favorite trend of 2018 is Label transparency. More than ever people want to read labels immediately know what’s in the package. Non GMO listings were a popular stage and now they are seemingly required.

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