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  • Giving Good LUHV with WATERisLIFE

    Congratulations! Our 2018 #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday was a meaningful success. Thanks to YOU, we donated 2,147 gallons of water to families in need! We happily have been providing naturally sustainable products, ultimately to help transform communities for all men, women and children glob... View Post
  • She Finally Won the Nobel Prize in Physics That She Deserved - It Took 44 Years!

    Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered the radio pulsar, a discovery that has been called one of the most important discoveries of the past 100 years. This discovery resulted in a Nobel Prize in 1974, but Bell Burnell did not receive the award. The award was given to Antony Hewish, her supervisor at the... View Post
  • Electric Bike-aloo

    Before the end of his first year as CEO Dara Khosrowshahi of the popular transportation service UBER, who employs everyday drivers to double as a taxi service for those in need of transportation in cities all over the US, began a new endeavor in February; UBER Bicycles. The idea was to give the e... View Post