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Good by Avocado?!

By: Psyche Terry
Having a top ranking hair line that is all about avocado may lead you to believe I’m in love with Avocado! Well, I must say, I am! I absolutely love it in my hair and OB my salads and even raw! My hubby even loves this avocado toast craze. Avocado is the best, so why are we embracing sweet potatoes all of a sudden? Sweet potato toast is the new hot trending thing. 
I will absolutely try it soon. Sounds like you basically clean and peel the potato, slice then literally toast. 
Honestly, that’s where they lost me! I am a girl that believes things belong where they go! No bras in the sock drawer kinda thing! Potatoes in my sweet Kitchen Aid Toaster? I don’t know. If you try it let me know if you busted up your toaster... I will give it one shot. I hear also that trying jelly on top is yummy too! 
Psyche Terry, lover of all things yummy! 

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