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Our LUHV Story

The Urban Hydration LUHV story began with a serendipitous connection: a new wife and new husband each quietly struggling with the same skin issues. Psyche and Vontoba Terry shared a passion to find a solution for their dry, flaky skin without resorting to expensive doctor visits or cluttering their bathroom with clinical products that offered more side effects than solutions.

Driven by their shared journey, they embarked on a mission to create something different—an innovative product and a brand that not only looked and smelled good but delivered exceptional results. Urban Hydration was born from their desire to help others feel confident and comfortable in their skin, offering a range of ultra-hydrating products that cater to diverse skin tones, types, and shades.

Beyond skincare, Urban Hydration has evolved into a movement dedicated to making a positive impact on both culture and the environment. Through initiatives like providing clean drinking water and building wells in communities in need worldwide, Urban Hydration embodies a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Today, Urban Hydration stands not just as a brand, but as a beacon of empowerment and change. Their LUHV story continues to grow, driven by a vision to redefine beauty standards and uplift communities globally. This is more than skincare—it's a heartfelt journey towards a better world, and it's only the beginning.