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    17 year old actress Skai Jackson just reminded us that protective styles are a whole new world for some.  Skai had to set the record straight and clear up some misconceptions for her friend. The video below went viral, and we're so glad!  It takes dialogue and a safe space to feel free to ask que... View Post
  • Mother Knows Best

    Mothers give up a lot upon entering motherhood:  their waistlines, sleep, the backseat of their cars, years of peace and quiet. They’d even give their lives. Moms, this Mother's Day, we want to say thanks. Thank you for all of the sleepless nights, Band-Aids, long drives, shoulders to cry on, h... View Post
  • Spill the Tea: Angela Bassett Shares Her Go-To Skincare Secret!

    "Angela Bassett was serious about making sure her skin is clean and clear before we even begin to apply any products. She explained, ‘It’s all about keeping the skin as clean as you can using the micellar water. Make sure you have all the pollutants, the debris and dead skin cells are remove... View Post