Hot Trends with Beauty & Technology

by Daryl Lawrence

We are in the age where beauty and technology are combined. Augmented reality has allowed people to “try on” products in stores without having to worry about their skin breaking out.  Virtual reality has allowed people to experience a completely new shopping experience in store. Tech enabled beauty has allowed people to contribute to their favorite brands through social media. We can track the growth of our hair and the condition of our skin using apps and consult a dermatologist in the comfort of our homes. Our beauty products seem as though they are tailored just for us!

As if the progress of beauty products and their ingredients weren’t impressive enough, we now have the ability to take our beauty in our own hands without limitations. Do you want to get your hair done from home? There’s an app for that. Do you want to get personal coaching on your hair? There’s an app for that. Do you want your hair completely styled by your phone? …there isn’t an app for that yet. But this progress is just the beginning, and what’s to come is exciting.

I personally am waiting for an application that will cut my wash time in half because I am tired! Until then, I can continue to track my hair growth and be connected with other women on their natural hair journey.


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