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Got Spring Break Plans? Heres 7 Tips On How to Stay Healthy While Traveling!

By: Tomide Olowoyo

Spring break is near! But if you've got plans to be traveling by plane you want to make sure you take a few pre-cautions to avoid getting sick!

1. Wash your hands.

2. DO NOT use the tray table - There's the aforementioned lack of washing and threat of E. Coli Bacteria!

3. Bring your own blanket and pillow.

4. Stay away from aisle seats - Think about it, as a sick person makes his/her way to the bathroom, which seat backs will they be grabbing for support?

5. Open your air vent - circulation keeps sickness outbreaks at bay. And despite what you may have heard, plane air is filtered and safe. Let it flow.

6. Pass on the booze - Alcohol can be great, but unfortunately it takes a toll on your body! So doctors recommend you pass on this to keep your immune system up while traveling.

7. Stay Hydrated!

Above all else safe and happy travels!



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