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New Paint Cleaning Sugar Scrub. Shout out to @LeleTill on Twitter

by Psyche Terry |

Thanks To Leah and Palmer I may have a new disclaimer on my sugar scrubs, that we wash out paint products off the face!! Who would even take us seriously? I certainly didn't take this tweet seriously but over 35,000 people did making Leah's tweet go viral. 


What had happened was Leah read a label on Palmers paint that said you can easily use on skin and fabrics and it will wash off. Leah tried it and it didn't. Not hardly. She is angry and ready to take them to court. 


Let's say it's a lesson to us all in consumer products, test your statement! There is a backlash waiting to happen if you don't! 

Sorry Palmers. Sorry Leah's face! 

 -Psyche Terry


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