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What Does Your Hairstyle Mean?

What Does Your Hairstyle Mean?

Refinery29 posted a video on Facebook from Racked that discussed the meaning of a haircut. I’ve heard in the past that women use a haircut, subconsciously, as a symbol of change. For instance, lots of women get new haircuts/styles when they enter a new relationship. It’s a sign of change. Society has taught us that hair is a sign of beauty and self-worth. And if you were born in the south like I was, then you also know that the bigger the hair, the closer to God.

                The video mentioned how the in movies, a dramatic haircut, often signifies a change in emotional state. I feel that this doesn’t just signify the haircut itself but also change in style. Looking back in my life, outside of my middle school years when I was just trying to look cool, this was true. For instance, for my 20th birthday, I died my hair red and cut it into a lob (long bob). In the past, I would always get highlights but for the first time, I did all over color. I loved it. I felt like a new person.  Also, when I went to high school, I got a new hairstyle. This was drastic for me because from the time I could do my own hair, I wore the same exact style and my hair was basically the same length. So, I guess my hair change represents life changes in maturity.

In no way were they saying women only change their hair because of an emotional shift but that is often the reason. I have a couple of questions though… Was this something we learned from watching movies and society? Do men do the same thing? And lastly, is it the change in mindset that causes a change in haircut or does the haircut cause a change in mindset? That last one comes from the fact that when I get a new weave, I feel like my whole attitude can change. Someone test the theory out and let me know.

-Sarae Ellis


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