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Dry Skin = Ash “What do you call it?”




  1. of a pale grayish color; ashen.

"the ashy shadows of the mountains"

  1. covered with, consisting of, or resembling ashes.

"an ashy sediment"



Dry Skin = Ash “What do you call it?”


How do you refer to dry skin?  Do you use the term Ashy?  Everybody gets dry skin, but does everybody get “Ashy”?

African Americans’ epidermal system is naturally over productive and “ashyness,” if you will, is a product of over produced skin cells.  People with darker skin tones are less prone to sunburn or to develop skin cancer, however, they are more prone to develop dry, flaky skin as the extra skin cells die and flake off.

Skin gets abused by wind, rain, warm showers, products or lack thereof, and many other environmental factors.  Yes, there is logical reasoning behind having dry flaky skin, but the real question is, does the term “Ashy” have a negative race-related connotation associated with it?

Let’s see where it comes from…

The term Ash(y) was introduced to the English language during the 14th century and it simply refers to burnt embers, creating a grey flaky piece of ash.  Over time, the term has been coined to refer to dry areas of flaked skin that resemble burnt, grey ash. 

Basically, dry skin is just more noticeable on a darker skin tone.  That’s it.  People with a lighter skin tone feel the dry skin but they don’t necessarily develop visible grey flakes. 

Do you think the term ashy is derogatory, or just a good way to describe what dry skin looks like on darker skin tones?

LUHV NOTE: The best way to combat dry skin is to consistently moisturize with a fast absorbing body cream that can HYDRATE your skin. Easy fix.


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