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Winter is in the hAIR!


Baby, it’s cold outside!  As these cooler months approach, it is imperative that hair-care routines are adjusted accordingly.  The real challenge during the winter is helping your hair keep that moisture locked in place.

Hair oils offer a concentrated dose of moisturizing properties to help the hair cuticle to in the moisture.

Do you know the right oils for your hair porosity?  Let us help.


LOW POROSITY (Hair has a tough time absorbing moisture):

  1. Grapeseed Oil: This oil strengthens your hair and doubles as a heat protectant. Whether blended with other oils or used alone, this oil works as a great hot oil treatment.  Seal in moisture and steer clear of that greasy feeling.
  2. Argan Oil: This oil is known for the shine it brings to your strands.  A hair growth aid that increases elasticity and combats breakage. Argan oil will hydrate and leave your hair feeling soft to the touch.
  3. Hemp Seed Oil: Strengthen, hydrate and preserve your natural texture with Hemp Seed Oil.  This oil is well known for helping secure the scalp as well to promote healthy hair growth.

Our Honey Growth & Repair Hair Oil is blended with Argan Oil.  Perfect for low porosity hair:


HIGH POROSITY (Hair easily absorbs moisture):

  1. Coconut Oil: Over recent years coconut oil hair benefits have become more mainstream. As one of the heavier oils, it is considered a damaged hair staple.  Combat frizz, use as scalp massager, use as a hair sunscreen or leave-in moisturizer and reduce hair loss with this oil.
  2. Olive Oil: After locking in moisture, the fatty acids in Olive Oil supply the scalp with nourishment.  Seal your strands and fight dandruff with this one powerful oil.
  3. Castor Oil: This heavy oil is antibacterial and antifungal, perfect for healing scalp issues.  Seal in moisture and protect your scalp with Castor oil.

Our Jamaican Castor Oil & Avocado Hair Serum is blended with Castor Oil.  Perfect for high porosity hair:


Oil is the sealant that creates a barrier between your hair and the harsh winter weather elements, basically it’s like a sweater for your strands.  Bundle up!


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