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No More Scanning Urban Hydration Products on your phone at Walmart

by Psyche Terry (@psycheterry)

According to Bloomberg News, Dallas Fort Worth Walmart Stores gave scan and go a pass/no pass and in my kindergarten world that means, my teacher sent home a note with me today and the note said I was a bad boy! 

 Basically it sounds like a bunch of  shoppers in over 100 Walmart stores across America gave the shop then scan, then bag your own stuff an F, or a note home like - no - this is not where I planned to spend my afternoon. 

 It sounded like such a novel concept. And honestly, it is - when you don’t have (mom of 3, don’t judge me) - literally 50 things in your cart. I remember an associate at checkout saying to me “did you mean to buy that twice?” I’m like oh yeah, you see that I’ve got 3 men and 2 women in my home! There's always a reason for stocking up! 

 So it does sound as Sam’s Club will keep their process the same. And I think they should. There it totally is reasonable.  Simply because I can’t even bag there and I can’t fit 50 things in my cart at one time.

- Psyche Terry (@psycheterry)

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