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No Make - No Fake Up

No Make - No Fake Up

It is finally here, the true reason why I became interested in the beauty business as a little girl. It was the beautiful people for sure but really the lack there of- of beautiful people that looked like me. I felt like magazines and beauty brands alike were all consumed with telling my 11 year old self that I needed to wear more jewelry, more eyeliner and my skin was about one or two tones too dark. 

This harsh reality as an 11 and 12 year old lead me to using my allowance to buy skin lightning creams and beg my childhood best friend to sneak more eyeliner for me next time. 

I noticed the beauty that flooded store shelves and make up counters. I didn’t realize that photo shop and other artistic measures were taking place to make these women seem brighter, lighter and of course thinner. I thought I had to just keep buying the product marketed to make me better to some day achieve their flawless beauty. 

Thanks to CVS and their 9600 stores across America; by 2020 kids like me won’t have to worry about products lying to them on shelves any more! CVS is taking a stand by issuing a Ban on all products selling in their stores to use no touch up model pictures to advertise. CVS goes as far to say if a brand feels like they must touch a model up cvs will slap a red tape on the label showing the customer that this brand thought it was more important to show improved beauty with their brand than real, natural beauty. 

Great job CVS! Great job! 

- Psyche Terry, CEO, Urban Hydration

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