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New Age Shoppers - Young, Fabulous and Rich???

New Age Shoppers - Young, Fabulous and Rich???

What do millenials really want from the places where they shop?

I had no idea that 92 million people are in their prime spending age! It’s why Amazon Rocks and some big bulky old school stores kick rocks! Millennials sure  are down right massacring the retail shopping industry. 

I didn’t know that as a millennial mom and family member I am a part of a group of people that is considered to have extremely high disposal incomes, controlling more than $600 billion in annual purchasing power. 

I’d say yes! Millennials are young, rich and fabulous! But it’s true that so many beauty retailers and overall stores and brands are missing the mark on attracting them. 

Here are some keys we are looking for:

1) An experience 

2) A discount 

3) A relationship

4) Accessibility 

If you want a relationship with us you will have to know we are tech-savvy, plugged in, informed, and demanding! 



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