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Last Month of Summer: End of Summer Bucket List Ideas!

Last Month of Summer: End of Summer Bucket List Ideas!

We’re entering the last month of summer which means no more warm weather or pool days. Here are some last-minute bucket list ideas to end summer with a bang!

  1. Go hiking at a nearby trail and soak up the greenery around you! You might not be able to enjoy hiking again until the trees start to grow leaves in March or April.
  2. Take a cold shower! It might seem weird - but when the cold weather starts in October or November, it won’t be comfortable to enjoy a cold, refreshing shower. While in the shower, put on your favorite playlist and use our Peach and Papaya Body Wash or Vanilla Sugar Scrub
  3. Make ice cream with friends and family! It’s a great way to spend time with your favorite people and enjoy the summer weather. Once finished, go for a neighborhood walk in the evening to take in the warm air.
  4. Did someone say ice bath? Believe it or not, taking an ice bath is good for your skin and allows your muscles to relax. You won’t enjoy an ice bath when the cold weather begins, so add it to your bucket list now! Use our Mango & Lime Bubble Bath or Vanilla Bubble Bath to take it a step further! Keep in mind that you shouldn’t stay in the bath for more than 15-20 minutes. 

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