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Psyche Terry Shares Her Keys To Success

Psyche Terry Shares Her Keys To Success

By COCOTIQUE: July 27, 2022

Faith, inspiration, and resilience are what keep Psyche Terry motivated to be the best woman, wife, mother, and entrepreneur she can be. We are very excited to talk to this phenomenal woman and to introduce Psyche Terry as our 1st COCOBelle since 2018. Psyche is not only the Co-Founder and Owner of UI Global Brands, the home of Urban Hydration and Breath of Fresh Hair, she’s also a mentor, wellness advocate, and most recently crowed America's Most Beautiful, 2022 Mrs. Texas. Learn more about this Beauty Boss’s successful journey and how she’s able to simultaneously manage everything under her umbrella.

What inspired you to create Urban Hydration?

I was inspired to create Urban Hydration for so many reasons. As a young girl, I suffered from eczema and embarrassment with my sometimes dry and cracked skin. I didn’t know much about my condition or what to do. Both as a young lady and as an adult, I visited dermatologists that suggested eczema was a DNA concern, and they shared different pharmaceutical steroids for me to use to improve my skin's appearance. While working full-time and serving as a board member for the Blind Center of Nevada, I helped their team design their manufactured body butter and sugar scrub for a local fundraising event when the idea of Urban Hydration was really fostered and born. I later looked to create a butter and a scrub and other bath items that could help keep my dry skin moist and healthy without a high price tag and without all what I called back then “bad stuff.” 

What steps did you take that gave you the knowledge and confidence to start your own business?

I am naturally a go getter, and I’ve had a lot of reasons in my life to exercise the power of faith, so I think these are the skills that have helped me in building Urban Hydration. 


                           Psyche & Vontoba


Fun fact, your business partner is your husband, Vontoba. How is it working with your spouse?

Vontoba is my best friend. He is the most attractive man I’ve ever met, and he’s the reason I dress up to work every day – even when we were virtual. It’s a lot of fun sharing inside jokes and just like in any business relationship; we are both bosses, and it creates a dynamo having two powerhouses that complement each other under the same business roof.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a business partner that tells you that you are beautiful every day.


           Terry Family



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