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National Wellness Month: Self Care Tips from Urban Hydration

National Wellness Month: Self Care Tips from Urban Hydration

August is National Wellness Month! The purpose is for everyone to make self care a priority in their lives. Taking care of yourself comes in various forms: from physical well-being to mental and emotional well-being. However, self care overall is the key to leading a healthy and happy life!


At Urban Hydration, we truly believe that self care is what we need to reach the stars. Because of this, we prioritize self care and well-being with all natural products that allow you to relax to the fullest! Visit the link here to view the Vanilla, Mango & Lime, and Peach & Papaya Bath & Body products we have for a self care experience you can create in the comfort of your own home!

As you find ways to prioritize self care this month, remember to take time out each week to practice physical and mental/emotional well-being. For physical well-being, attend a fitness class once a week to keep your body in shape. Go on a bike ride around your community or go hiking on trails nearby! For mental/emotional well-being, try meditating a few times a week and see how that makes you feel. For some people, self care means doing their full skincare routine to wind down before going to bed. For others, self care could be taking a morning off just to relax in the bath before a busy day. Whatever form of self care you choose to practice, we are here to make sure that you make the most of it! 

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