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I Want You! And I Want It Now!

I Want You! And I Want It Now!

I want you! And I want it now!! Says grocer Albertsons executives that believe in-home at-home grocery delivery is the way of the future. 

Let's talk about me for a moment. I'm a mom of 3 kids under 10 and a wife of over 10 years. I cook my meals 2-3 times a week and we go out to eat at least 1-2 a week. I do like to move swiftly so I make most of my weeks meals on Sunday. I usually do this after going to a local grocery store and spending no less than 2 hours in my visit.  If I take any one of the kids with me I'm taking 3 hours. So I see where grocers like Albertsons and Walmart and Kroger are going in delivering groceries and having pick up services.. 

But as a girl who grew up shopping with that parental figure at the grocery store and seeing the fresh goods and touching and smelling new fresh farmer quality I am not sure I want you to take my experience away. The thought is simply that. I shop for an experience. It's going to take a lot more female executives in higher up places to get set in c-suite jobs to get some male dominated "I've never shopped for a family at my own grocery store" opinions out of here. 

Ask us! What do we want. We want experiences. I want a spa like vacation that babysits while I shop. People greeting me in the aisle and following me and adding things to my cart and feeding me the best, freshest and newest. Oh, and all I picked out, yeah, can you have that delivered? And... hey, while you are there do you mind cooking it too? Come back in 2 days because my family expects another fresh meal soon! 

No. I guess my visions of a perfect mom life are not real or true enough so I digress and say... thanks Albertsons. I'm sure this will help someone. I'm going to however stick to my touching, smelling, tasting - getting inspired because I didn't create my meals before I walked in practice of serving my family. 


Psyche Terry 


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