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How Millennials Like Their Makeup | The New Yorker

How Millennials Like Their Makeup | The New Yorker

So Beautycon happened and The New Yorker brings some strong awareness of how millennials and their makeup are received. I read the article from the New Yorker and it seemed to sort of poke fun and the babies of our generation who are growing up "out loud." It mentioned that Beautycon, which started as somewhat of a get together with 30 bloggers has turned into an LA convention center gathered event filled with tons of faces wanting to be influential now. As it seems the event that took place in August had prime makeup vendors, tutorials, classes, playgrounds, basketball hoops, and a place for girls and boys alike to learn how to be expressive and someday possibly be dot-com influenced. 

With stage acts titled "girl boss" and women like Tracy Ellis Ross being the prime speaker of self-acceptance, from what I gather reading The New Yorker the event seems to have the right intentions but was overdressed in too much self-obsessive foolery to me. 

I'd like to see millennials empowered to not only self-accept but self-accept responsibilities. It's said that kids built their own wardrobe and paid major saved up allowance dollars to attend. I'm concerned because it seems to be another ploy on the rich keeps getting richer off any means necessary. In this case, it's our future hopeful teachers and politicians learning that makeup, coverup, self-awareness, and Instagram will be their ultimate savior of success and vindication in this cruel evil world of responsibility, earned wage and ownership. 

I'd like to ask where are these hopeful customers of MAC and Maybelline going to get their repurchase money if they aren't actually successful at earning the influence they hope the makeup online tutorials will bring? I think it's a deep opportunity with once again to take a stage that's been set for you to use for the good. Why just make a mockery have a playground and lipstick and not feed these young girls and boys tricks for studying that up and coming SAT test? Or help them by having a college fair in the same building? Not fun enough huh!? Would detract from potential sales dollars you say? But basing an opinion on the photos from The New Yorker magazine it doesn't mater if the soon to be adult millennials don't continue with their purchases, new born babies were welcomed to the event to be taught and schooled on future stewardship on why be an influencer too! 

Just my personal opinion. Always has and always will be. 

-Psyche Terry (@PsycheTerry)



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