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Glass Skin? New Skincare Trend

Here at Urban Hydration we keep an eye out for beauty trends for people of all backgrounds. So when Allure broke a story about "glass skin," a new trend in Korean beauty, affectionately nicknamed K-Beauty, we had to look into it.

Apparently the beauty goal is smooth skin that shines like a clear pane of glass. Through a variety of methods, from the 7-method "Glow Skin" routine to the 5-method wipe & exfoliate method, this is a trend that is spreading around the globe. The common thread is drink a lot of water, use a quality face wipe, and exfoliate thoroughly. Easy enough, right?

At Urban Hydration we believe in having fun and bringing out the best in your natural beauty. If you do try this out, let us know how it works out, but keep in mind, you're beautiful no matter what.

All the Best,


P.S. Urban Hydration Sugar Scrubs are great for facial exfoliation!

Feature Image: Sarah Lee on Instagram - @sarah_glow






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  • I am so fascinated by this glass skin trend. This is my skin care goal. I have written about it too at


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