What is your favorite part of being a business owner?

“I absolutely love being an inspiration to my employees, being responsible and able to create products that make a difference in so many ways for so many people.”

What is the most challenging thing for you both?

“Before I understood that people are just as squishy as me, it was managing talented people. But once I was willing to put my own self out there and was willing to be vulnerable, I quickly learned that people are just as welcoming of me as I can be of them.”

Describe your work relationship. How does each of your strengths complement each other?

“When we started as a husband and wife team running a business, we would walk all over each other’s “path.” We didn’t have a clear understanding that we actually had complementing strengths that, if fused together appropriately, could help grow the business faster than we could have ever imagined. I’m great on the softer side of the business, my husband is great on the more execution and tactical side. Together, we make a fabulous team.”

As an entrepreneur, there are many hard days and nights. Is there any advice that you may wish to give to any aspiring entrepreneurs? Is there anything that you would have done differently?

“I suggest people stay true to themselves. Be honest and be honorable. I am connected to our brand because it gives back. I love giving back. I am connected to my brand because it’s fun and its pretty and creative. These are all things that are a part of my personal DNA. If I were to get off track, it would show and I would no longer be motivated. So do what motivates you and stick to it.”

Morning routines are a key part of making or breaking your day. What is your morning routine?

“My morning starts with me wanting 3 more winks of sleep. I pray and meditate with my bible – old school, on my knees in my closet. I have so many shoes that I have to be sure I don’t scar getting down or up from prayer. Once that activity is over, you can find me working out for an hour or so. I have 3 kids so I’m either running to meet them for breakfast or running to at least help them out the door. That could mean a brush in one hand and a baby wipe in another. I’m covering them with kisses and then running to the shower to get out of the house and to the office for my day.”

As the clean beauty industry is on the rise and as a brand leader, what are conversations that you are having for the future of your company?

“We want to stay leaders. That means we must continue to relook at what we’ve been compromising our “clean” values on. Food, lotion, facewash – whatever it is. We are constantly evaluating to determine if these things need to be in our portfolio.”

As pioneers in the clean beauty space, when did you become interested in clean beauty? Why did you choose clean beauty instead of traditional beauty ingredients?

“I have huge allergies. This means dry skin, eczema, the works. I’ve had them since I was in 2nd grade. The minute I learned that what I put in my body helps me maintain the look I want – that was when I decided to only eat clean. When I then, even more, realized that what I put on my body by way of beauty makes an even bigger difference in my appearance- I never turned back.”

As entrepreneurs, what are some techniques that you may use to maintain a balance with your work and business life?

“I work heart. Meaning I have fun at work and I’m willing to work later because I enjoy what I do. I also ensure that I’m serving in my community, with mentees and even as a soccer coach for my daughter’s soccer team. I do what I can to keep my fingers plugged in many places so that I’m not too overwhelmed in one place overall.”

As a brand, you have a charity initiative to give back to the community. How important is it for you as an entrepreneur to give back into the community in new ways?

“I was not raised in the streets, but I was raised in the community. My hometown community gave more to me than I can ever afford to give back. I am responsible to pay it forward for every hour, every help, every hand up and hand out I received from my community. This is why I give. This is why I will never stop giving.”

For someone who may be looking to walk in your footsteps, what are three skills they need to become successful?

“Have a heart-you’re willing to do whatever it takes. Be honorable-meaning when you do what it takes, be sure that it is honest and is a positive reflection that is inclusive of the Golden Rule. Be Strategic-don’t just willy dilly. Put some brain matter into what you do to ensure success is the end strategy.”