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Beauty Trends are Going Eco-Friendly

Beauty Trends are Going Eco-Friendly

By Daryl Lawrence

Lush is already known for giving back and being an eco-friendly brand. With most of its products being recyclable and sometimes even edible (like their packing peanuts), Lush continues to set an example as a truly wholesome brand. But the brand is not done, not even close. According to Allure Magazine, Lush recently partnered with the Ocean Legacy Foundation to create 100% recycled packaging using the waste from the water around Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

But they are not the only company to do something like this. According to another Allure article, “brands like Tata Harper, Aveda, Lush, and Juice Beauty have been committed to sustainability for years”. So why haven’t even more brands followed suit? It is costly to become more sustainable in the beauty industry. There are methods brands must follow to ensure that their products aren’t ruined during travel. Plus, brands must meet the packaging requirements of the retail spaces they want to be sold in to ensure there is enough room for other products on the shelves.

Some brands have incorporated sustainability in their products by making their packing better for travel. They’ve done this by ensuring the product fits in the box without any extra space; this allows more products to be shipped saving gas emission. Other brands have also made their products lighter which also cuts down on the gas emitted from shipping. Brands have used recycled material in their packaging such as labels and even the containers themselves. With the rise in global awareness, this allows consumers to feel like they’re contributing to a greater good through recycling or even upcycling the containers when they’re empty.


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