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Urban Hydration + WATERisLIFE

Urban Hydration + WATERisLIFE

Since the beginning, Urban Hydration, and UI Global Brands as a whole, has been about truly making an impact with the products we offer. Whether it be with lingerie made specifically for a traditionally overlooked but very important customer base, or making hair and skin care products that are fruit, food, and plant-based to provide an aesthetically pleasing and wholly sustainable experience, we’ve kept our eye on the ball when it comes to doing things differently to get better results for a better tomorrow.

Today, that vision takes another step in the right direction. We’re proud to announce that as part of our dedication to being a global brand that helps people all over the world lead happier, healthier lifestyles, we’ve begun a partnership with the amazing and inspiring WATERisLIFE non-profit to donate a portion of the revenue of every product sold to helping communities stricken by water scarcity.

This partnership means the world to us: we’re very excited to work closely with the organization’s founder, Ken Surritte, and from the sound of it, he feels the same. In his words, “It is an honor for WATERisLIFE to team up with Urban Hydration to bring an end to the world water crisis.” In addition, he said that we’re “making the world a more beautiful place” and “changing lives around the world”, going on to reveal that our first project together will directly benefit the people of Flint, Michigan by helping to get the children there safe water as they come out of a crisis that has left a void for us to fill there, and we’re glad to do it.

We can’t wait to get started with changing the world in even MORE ways! We hope that you’re as excited as we are that your love of our products goes towards showing love to those around the world who have basic needs that need to be met. We’re honored to be able to extend ourselves to those people, and we consider this partnership to include not only WATERisLIFE and our organization, but all of our customers, followers, fans, and most importantly, friends.

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Want to know more about WATERisLIFE? Visit their website,, and follow their journey to making the world a healthier, happier, and more hydrated place on Twitter, @WaterIsLife!



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