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Give Your Face the Frankenstein Treatment

Give Your Face the Frankenstein Treatment

As the beauty industry expands and technology becomes a bigger and bigger part of it, there are bound to be some wild inventions that come with the progress. Still, as a tech enthusiast and someone who keeps up pretty well, even I didn’t see this coming! Say hello to Nu Face’s Mini Facial Toning Device, a small handheld gadget on the cutting edge of skincare. Equipped with two silver nodes that face out from the the machine, it channels microcurrents (which can be increased or decreased) to shock your face into a youthful look. Literally shocking your face back to life, it takes a new approach to anti-aging by whipping your face into shape -- the scientific way!

Touting a 5-minute treatment time, the Nu Face makes a promise to get to work in no time. Since it is so innovative and useful, the Nu Face does ask for a pretty penny, ranging from around $200-500 depending on the retailer and package type. But if you think about it, that’s not too much to ask for the gift of living forever (or something like that)! Check out more info on the product on the website and go to Refinery29 to see some more interesting beauty inventions!

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