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Low Porosity Hair: Characteristics and Care Tips

Low Porosity Hair: Characteristics and Care Tips

Hair porosity is categorized into three different types, namely Low, Medium, and High porosity. Knowing your hair's porosity is crucial to ensure proper hair care. Hair with Low porosity has tightly sealed cuticles that make it challenging for moisture and hair products to penetrate through the hair shaft. If not taken care of appropriately, low porosity hair can feel dry and brittle. 

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair 

  • Takes a longer time to dry 
  • Has difficulty absorbing moisture and hair products 
  • Feels "coated" or "waxy" after applying hair products 
  • Is prone to product buildup 
  • Is easily weighed down by heavy hair products 

How to care for low porosity hair: 

  1. Clarify hair regularly: Low porosity hair is prone to buildup, meaning it’s important to use a clarifying shampoo to clear the buildup and allow moisture to penetrate into the scalp and hair strands. Our Aloe and Cucumber Clarifying Shampoo is great for clearing buildup while moisturizing the hair and promoting growth.  
  2. Open hair cuticles with heat: by using warm-hot water while washing your hair, you open up your hair cuticles to allow moisture to pass through. Additionally, use a steamer once a week to open up cuticles before you condition to allow moisture to penetrate deep into the scalp and strands. Be sure not to use too hot water or steam as that can break the hair strand and damage your hair. 
  3. Deep condition your hair regularly: Because low porosity hair is dry and brittle, deep conditioning will add the extra boost of moisture that your hair needs. Our Honey Health and Repair Deep Conditioner or any of our leave in conditioners will give your hair the right products and moisture that it needs.
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