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Ingredient Insiders: Argan Oil

Ingredient Insiders: Argan Oil

One of our most LUHVED ingredients is Argan Oil, especially in our hair products. Used in most of our products, Argan oil is great for both skin and hair to prevent dryness and promote natural health. 

For skin, Argan oil works to protect the skin barrier, improve overall texture, penetrate moisture deep into the skin, hydrate skin, and soften dry patches. Get these wonderful benefits from the Castor and Shea Face Lotion and Castor and Shea Body Lotion today! 

For hair, Argan Oil works to fight dandruff, fight frizz, add shine, protect from damage, promote healthy hair growth, promote a healthy scalp, and strengthens hair follicles on the scalp to reduce hair fall. Get these wonderful benefits for your hair in the Jamaican Castor oil Detangle and Style Spray, Jamaican Castor Oil Moisture and Style Lotion, Honey Health and Repair Set, Honey and Lemon Leave in Conditioner, Honey and Lemon Conditioner, Breath of Fresh Hair Kids Co-Wash and Conditioner, Breath of Fresh Hair Shampoo, and the Aloe and Cucumber Conditioner. 

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