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Tips to care for dry and eczema prone skin

Tips to care for dry and eczema prone skin

We get it, itchy and dry skin is not fun. The constant irritation and dryness can feel really irritating. Here are some tips on how to care for dry and eczema prone skin so you can get rid of these worries once and for all! 

  1. Moisturize regularly: Moisturizing is the most important step in caring for dry and eczema-prone skin. It's important to use a gentle, natural moisturizer that contains ingredients like ceramides to help hydrate the skin. Our Body Lotions are packed with ceramides and natural oils to hydrate, nourish, and soften skin.  
  2. Use gentle cleansers: Harsh soaps and cleansers with chemicals can further irritate dry and eczema-prone skin. Our body washes are great for dry and eczema prone skin as they hydrate skin while cleansing it, preventing your skin from drying out. Additionally, they are made with clean ingredients which means that there are no bad ingredients that are secretly stripping moisture from your skin as you cleanse. 

Products for dry and eczema prone skin: 

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