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1 Product Sold = 1 Gallon of Water Donated

Urban Hydration values community and giving back. We believe in contributing to healthier and happier lifestyles, not only to our customers through our products, but also by taking action and supporting causes we can fully stand behind on local, national, and international levels. With our collective efforts, we aim to be a force for global good. 

Nearly 1 Billion People Have Access To Safe Drinking Water. Urban Hydration also has a keystone partnership with WATERisLIFE, a union that began in 2016, enabling us to donate a gallon of water to a community without ease of access to drinking water. We have since raised enough funds to contribute in the build of two clean drinking water wells in communities in Kenya and are now aiming to construct our own well in Kenya by 2021. We learned that students in Kibera slum where our wells are now located had their clean water stolen from them and they were paying their teachers in corn. Since we've helped build the wells the students used the water to create economic wealth and empowerment. Now they sell water to families that have moved closer to the school for water and they use the resources from the water to help impact their school. To date the Helping Hands School has built 2 new classroom buildings with our collaborated help!     

Click Here To Donate Directly To our Giving Well Campaign with WATERisLIFE

     (Be sure to select the Give Good. Give Well. Give Life. campaign)