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The Perfect at-home Spa and Bath Day: National Relaxation Day

The Perfect at-home Spa and Bath Day: National Relaxation Day

Happy Relaxation Day, LUHVS! Today, create a routine to prioritize your self care and unwind from your busy schedules. Here's our guide to preparing an at-home Spa and Bath with our all natural spa ingredients.  

  1. With lukewarm to medium-hot water, fill the tub about 2/3 of the way with water. As the water is running, squeeze some of our bubble bath (Vanilla, Mango and Lime, or Peach and Papaya) into the water for added scent and boosted skin benefits. Before you hop in the bath, play some of your favorite relaxing music and take a minute to feel the relaxation. 
  2. Once in the bath, spend the first few minutes just taking deep breaths, feeling the warmth of the water, enjoying the scent of the bubble bath, and unwinding from any stress you may have from your busy week. Take a moment to also be grateful for what you have and fill your mind with positive thoughts 
  3. Next, with our body wash, cleanse your body either as you drown in your favorite scent. Use the water to rinse off. 
  4. Finish off your bath with an exfoliation with your favorite scented sugar scrub. Simply rub the scrub on your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and give your pores a deep cleanse.  
  5. Once out of the bath and all dry, use our body lotion to re-hydrate your skin after exfoliating. Make sure to massage the product into all areas of your skin to prevent dryness and leave your skin feeling refreshed.  
  6. On those extra dry spots that require a little bit of TLC, massage a little bit of our everything oil  
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