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Hair Collection Guide for your Hair Type

Hair Collection Guide for your Hair Type

Giving your hair the LUHV it needs looks different for every hair type! Below is a guide to the different hair collections we offer and the benefits that they provide to make sure that you achieve your #hairgoals!  


Aloe and Cucumber – This set works to clarify and cleanse your scalp with the help of micelles that capture and draw out dirt and impurities from the scalp. It's perfect for anyone with dry hair prone to itching and dandruff as the shampoo and conditioner draw out dirt while adding moisture into the scalp and hair strands.  

Honey and Lemon – This collection works as an intensive repair treatment to heal dry, damaged, broken hair. Honey draws moisture deep into every hair strand, repairing it from the inside and making it less prone to breakage. Vanilla works to repair and reverse heat damage and dryness. The leave in conditioner in this set works to tame frizz and add the extra moisture in between wash days to keep your hair soft and silky! 

Jamaican Castor Oil – This collection is great for all hair types as it helps moisturize, thicken, and strengthen the scalp and hair strands. Castor oil promotes blood flow in the scalp, giving the roots valuable nutrients to allow it to grow longer and stronger. The antioxidants present in Castor Oil and Aloe Vera prevent scalp conditions such as dandruff and eczema. 

Honey Health and Repair – This set is perfect for damaged, dry hair that is prone to breakage. Made with Sweet Vanilla Bean and Honey, this set works to repair your hair while adding moisture, controlling frizz, enhancing shine, and improving elasticity.  

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