Should you be worried about getting HIV from a sew in?!

By: Vontoba Terry
Regulators in Missouri and Arizona are working to figure out a way to allow hair braiders and blowout specialists to operate without a license. However they’re getting some pushback from licensed cosmetologists who say that the hours they put in to learn (up to 1,000 hours in some states) and hone their craft shouldn’t just be disregarded. They say hair braiding is something that is an art and that even doing a blowout requires knowledge and technique. 
   According to AZCentral, the Arizona Board of Cosmetology opposes a bill that would remove a requirement for licenses at blowout shops. The governor was noted as saying that a license shouldn’t be necessary for brushing, washing, and doing a blowout on a customer’s hair. Opponents argue that a proper education is necessary to protect clients from diseases like lice and ensure a good result. 
 In Missouri, one local African hair braider mentioned a case where a woman contracted a serious disease while getting a sew-in from an unlicensed hair stylist.  
  She opposes deregulation because it could harm clients in the long run.
There are sanitation and health concerns that unlicensed stylists may be unaware of. Despite this, some state representatives are proposing deregulation measures that would allow more women to enter this valuable trade. 
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