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Seasonal Skincare: Transition to Your Winter Regimen

Fashion isn't the only thing that transitions with the seasons. Just as the seasons change so should your skin care regimen.  Different reasons for different seasons.

During the summer months your skin is exposed to the sun, harsh chemicals from sun screen and extra oil secretion.  During the winter it is time to detox your skin! Our skin’s moisture levels can plummet and a dry, dull skin tone can set in. This is the time to balance the oil and protect your skin from the cold winter elements.

Here at Urban Hydration we created the perfect regimen for your skincare needs.


Best Moisturizers for Face

NEW skincare products are perfect for pairing!

Using these products together will create the ultimate aroma therapy spa experience and provide the extra moisture you will need during this dry, cold season.


  • The Micellar Water will detox without stripping natural oils
  • The Face Cleansing oils will hydrate, balance and ease complications from eczema
  • The Aloe Gel Mask is a non-greasy formula that helps exfoliate, soothe problematic skin and alleviate dry skin  


Best Moisturizers for Body 

Help your skin retain moisture with our entire line of body creams!























Using these products during the winter months will provide extra hydration to help your skin cope with changing temperature and drying winds.


  • The base of our entire body cream collection is coconut oil, which hydrates and promotes moisture retention.  Each body cream has vitamins A and E, which promotes cellular regeneration.
  • Our Body Butters are made with Essential oils that focus on specific skin issues such as eczema, extreme dryness, wrinkles, and blemishes.  


As we age our skins ability to retain moisture decreases, that's why using a daily moisturizer is important.  It is time to develop a seasonal skincare regimen, your skin will thank you.


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