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3 Products to Help Create Your Favorite Destination

3 Products to Help Create Your Favorite Destination

The cold weather, bustling streets, and crowded department stores may have you wishing for an out-of-town, maybe even out-of-the-country, getaway this holiday season. But before you book those pricey tickets, or get discouraged because pricey plane tickets aren’t in the budget, check out some of our favorite products that will help you create your favorite destination in your own home—no boarding pass or big purchase required!

Spearmint Eucalyptus Body Wash: This might not sound like a tropical getaway, but the Eucalyptus Tree is indigenous to Australia—the land of surf and sand. There are nearly 700 different types of Eucalyptus trees grown in Australia, and California is home to this fresh-smelling tree, too. Not only is eucalyptus the Koala’s favorite snack, but it also has unique healing and relaxing properties. And did we mention it smells amazing? A hint of spearmint mixes great with it to add a holiday vibe! So, bypass the airport masses, unwrap this Australian-inspired body wash, close your eyes, and let the Eucalyptus smell take you to the land down under.

Pineapple Sugar Scrub: We couldn’t not include the pineapple—one of the most well-known tropical fruits. The pineapple is grown everywhere from the Caribbean (Costa Rica being the top producer of the pineapple) to Hawaii to Asia to the Bahamas, so it won’t be hard to get a taste of your favorite destination with this wide-ranging, sweet-smelling fruit. Plus, not only does this scrub smell like paradise, but its exfoliating properties will leave your skin feeling like paradise, too!

Vanilla Extract Whipped Body Cream: After you’re done indulging in your tropical vacation with your Pineapple Extract Sugar Scrub, hop on over to Mexico, where the rich and sweet smelling vanilla plant traces its origins. Mexico is a favorite vacation destination of many beach-lovers, and it seems a little bit closer when you’re lathering yourself with our whipped body cream, complete with Vanilla Extract! Bonus: all of our products feature Coconut Oil, and we all know the coconut is a favorite of the tropics! So, stay in, unpack, and create your own destination.

  Which scent reminds you of your favorite vacation spot? Tell us how you #createyourowndestination in the comments below!

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