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Welcome to Urban Hydration!

Welcome to Urban Hydration!

At Urban Hydration, we’ve been called spa lovers and granola girls. Simply put, we are lovers of nature and all things healthy. Along with my husband of 10 plus years, I created Urban Hydration so that I could put my love of nature and health into action and get outstanding, all natural skin care at an amazing value, while still being a full-time mom. As it turns out, I met men and women who were seeking the exact same things! Some were spa lovers, some were naturalists, and some were just parents, like me, who wanted to know that they were doing right by their skin (and their families). Together, we learned lessons in how we could create skin-care products that were sustainable and all natural.


At Urban Hydration, we are open-minded and environmentally and socially aware. What makes us unique is that we are also active and innovative: we don't just think of new ideas in our test-spa kitchen, but we actually implement them! We’re always coming up with new formulas and scents that truly nourish your body from head to toe; whether that’s through our whipped body butter or our exfoliating scrubs, all of our products are designed to fit the individual needs of our customers.  At Urban Hydration, we have an organic and natural emphasis on living, both externally and internally. Most of our employees are foodies that care about what they put on and in their bodies, and that mindset is reflected in our products. In short, we care about you!


-Psyche Terry / Founder

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