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Loc's on the Runway at "Fall/Winter 18" NYFW!!

Loc's on the Runway at "Fall/Winter 18" NYFW!!

By: Vontoba Terry

When Vogue reported that “This Musician’s Striking Sculptural Hair Just Won New York Fashion Week” I decided to do some research to find out exactly who it was that captured the attention of reporters and fashionistas. Kelela is an R&B singer and songwriter whose debut album ‘Take Me Apart’ was released in October 2017 and peaked at #18 and #3 on the U.S. and UK R&B charts, respectively. Born Kelela Mizanekristos in Washington D.C., she now lives in London and L.A.

Vogue commented that Kelela was “fresh faced in a trio of architectural knots, crafted by hairstylist Virginie Moreira” for the Telfar Clemens Fall 2018 collection runway show. Kelela performed at the event, which took place during New York Fashion Week. Kelela is a creative force, and her locs are a part of her expression of style and art. She adorns her hair with hoops, pearls, and other accessories. It’s great to see a major publication recognizing an artist for her creative protective styles.

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