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John Legend Makes Legendary History

John Legend, a well-known Pop, Soul, and R&B artist made history last weekend when he won an Emmy for producing “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert”.  He is one of the youngest of only 15 people to become an EGOT winner and the first African-American man to have the Honor.

EGOT is an acronym for the four biggest awards in the entertainment: An Emmy, A Grammy, An Oscar, and A Tony.

Over his career, John Legend has racked up 10 Grammys, including Best New R&B artist and Best R&B album in 2006, Best R&B Song in 2011 and many more. He won his Oscar back in 2015 for his original song “Glory” featured in the film “Selma” and won his Tony last year for his role in producing the hit Broadway play “Jitney”.

There are plenty of awards to be had in the world but becoming an EGOT winner is a step above the rest and it shows what hard work, integrity, and talent can do. Congratulations John!

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