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Innovative Doctor Uses Old Shampoo Bottles to Save Babies

Dr. Mohammod Chisti saw three children die of pneumonia during his first day as an intern at a hospital. This was in 1996. Dr. Chisti was inspired to create a way to reduce the number of child deaths associated with pneumonia, and his solution is amazing.


Pneumonia is a condition that fills up a person’s lungs with fluid and hinders breathing. A ventilator that can treat pneumonia costs as much as $15,000 and in Bangladesh, where Dr. Christi began his career, such an expensive piece of equipment is not an option.


After learning about an employed bubble ventilator, we came up with an idea to use an old shampoo bottle to create a cheaper design. According to Dr. Chisti’s research, his invention reduced infant deaths by way of pneumonia by a stunning 75%. The hospital where he works has saved 90% on treating pneumonia. The shampoo contraption costs just over $1 to put together. Ethiopian hospitals are also testing his invention.

  • Vontoba Terry (@vontoba)

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