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How to Slay The First Day of School Hair

How to Slay The First Day of School Hair

It’s back to school time and after my master's degree, I stopped worrying about my back to school hair. But now that I have a little girl, it’s all about her styles being in trend. I looked through Seventeen Magazines top 15 styles for back to school and because they were not curated for curly hair, I thought I’d do you a favor and give you MY top 5 of their 15. 

1) top pony full or sleek 

Either with extra hair or maybe you are a volume babe, a top pony is my number one cutest look for 2018 BTS. 

2) halo braid

Believe it or not, messy halos are still in. I was so pleased that it made their list that I had to ass it to my top 5. 

3) Medium Hair: Half Shaved 

So I’d never do this but I think if you have the guts to shave your head for the sake of a style- your gumption is always in trend for me! Go you! 

4) Pony Tails to the back showing volume 

This was different for me. But basically instead of two Afro puffs on top- two to the back not in a bun - but loose. This look will def be tried in my house. 

5) French braid to the back bun

And last but not least. I actually tried the French braid to the back bun on my baby girl and she is slaying this look. I loved it and I think anyone who tries it will too.  

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