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Nike Ads Continue to Win

Nike Ads Continue to Win

Nike has recently done a great job of acknowledging social issues while promoting their brand and products. In three recent ads, they highlighted that if a dream you have is only crazy until you do it.


Serena Williams: Just Do It

The first commercial that I would like to acknowledge is the ad for Serena Williams. The ad features video footage of Serena Williams as a child with her father encouraging her. He is telling her that she must train like she’s at the U.S. Open. As she hits the ball, her father shouts *boom* and we are transported to Serena Williams hitting the ball at the U.S. Open. I’m getting chills thinking about it. Every time her father enunciates the sound of her hitting the ball, we taken to Serena playing at the U.S. Open. Please…just watch the video if you haven’t already. Or if you want to watch it again and again…and again.


Juntas Imparables: Just Do It

The second commercial features women in the spotlight. This Nike Mexico ad takes place in a heated traffic jam. A young woman is sitting in the cramped backseat as her mother tries to spray her hair. Frustrated, she lifts her head out of the sunroof to see a jogger running past. She then laces her shoes and yells “vamanos” to her friends as they take to the streets. We then see more and more women join in on the run and spectators look in shock or cheer on. All types of women are participating. It’s so inspiring. You can also find it below.


Dream Crazy

The final commercial is the most talked about commercial. The commercial features narration from Colin Kaepernick with different athletes in motion. We see a skateboarder struggle to accomplish his trick, we see a wrestler without his legs tackle his opponent, we then see flashes of other athletes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We see casual mentions of amazing stories. Like a refugee playing for a national team…at sixteen. Obviously a commercial about athleticism could not include one of the most diverse athletes, Lebron James and one of the most decorated athletes, Serena Williams. When we do see Kaepernick, he is revealed as he says “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” and I had instant goosebumps. There is so much that occurs in this 2:05 that you just need to stop what you’re doing and watch it right now.



Some Nike fans were enraged that Kaepernick was the spokesperson of the latest Nike campaign. They were so enraged some declared they would burn their Nike apparel. How did Nike respond? Pettily, they responded pettily.


What are your thoughts on the ads? Which one is your favorite?

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