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How to be on Trend in 2018, using eyeliner!

How to be on Trend in 2018, using eyeliner!

Have you heard of these new eyeliner trends?

by Vanessa Outlaw

A winged eyeliner has been the trend for the past several months. Let’s be real, it’s kind of an art though. Trying to get your desired shape and thickness is one thing, but trying to get both eyes to match is a conquest. Done correctly, the cat eye adds drama and a certain flare to every makeup look.

 If you follow makeup trends, then get ready to switch things up. Tom Ford did something a little different for fashion week showcasing the upcoming 2018 spring/ summer style. Ready for this? A thumb print liner. So, it’s literally what it sounds like. You dip your thumb in some gel liner, or just brush some liquid liner all over your thumb, and replace the wing with your thumbprint. Voila. You are now on trend.

- Vanessa Outlaw

What are your go-to eyeliner methods? Let us know in the comments!

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