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Have You Tried #EmojiHair ?

Have You Tried #EmojiHair ?

Here at Urban Hydration Naturals we keep an eye out for any beauty trends or hair trends and this one is fun and exciting. The #EmojiTrend is hitting Instagram and Twitter and we support it. Have fun with you hair and show off your favorite emojis at the same time? Sounds good to us. There are food-based photos, nature-based photos, and even photos themed with fashion or seasonal emojis (fall-favorite anyone?)

So if you have tried #emojitrend or if you do after reading this, drop a link to your post in the comments below or tag @urbanhydration and we'll share it on our social feeds.

- Vontoba, Co-Founder Urban Hydration @vontoba


Featured Image: Photo by @starringshameka_

Another Look by @mayseeohh:



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  • Posted by GEorgia ANN on

    Thinking about trying this my hair gets so dryer out and I’ve been trying a lot of other ones but hasn’t worked out for me . Thank you for your time. Georgia Ann42

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