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Hair routines for Medium porosity hair

Hair routines for Medium porosity hair

Medium porosity hair is characterized by hair that allows an easy flow of moisture through the hair strand. This means that moisture can penetrate easily into the strand and is also retained for a longer period of time. Medium porosity hair is more susceptible to heat damage due to its higher moisture retention. Also, due to the increased moisture retention, medium porosity hair is prone to split ends and breakage. When caring for hair of this type, its important to consider products and create a routine that will help the hair maintain its balance and health.   

Step 1: Shampoo  

  • Choose a sulfate-free, clean shampoo that gently cleanse the hair without stripping its natural oils  
  • When shampooing, focus the shampoo towards the roots and scalp of your hair, rather than the tips. This will remove excess oil and buildup from the scalp.   
  • Use lukewarm water when rinsing the shampoo  
  • For a medium porosity hair, try the Honey Health and Repair Shampoo or the Rose and Hemp Shampoo for retained moisture  

Step 2: Condition  

  • Focus on the mid to end length of your hair when conditioning  
  • After applying the conditioner, go in with a wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner down the length of your hair and detangle your hair while the conditioner is in.   
  • Leave the conditioner in for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how dry your hair feels  
  • Rinse off with cool water to seal the cuticles and retain more moisture in your hair  
  • For best results for medium porosity hair, use the Honey Health and Repair Deep Conditioner or the Rose and Hemp Deep Conditioner.   

Step 3: Leave In Conditioner and Curl Cream  

  • Use the Leave In Conditioner after shower and in between wash days for the perfect moisture boost to your hair.   

The best product sets for medium porosity hair is the Honey Health and Repair Set and the Rose and Hemp set! Let us know what your hair journey results are in the comments below!  

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