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Eye Candy

I thought I saw it all until I saw this post I’d probably the most patriotic eye I’ve ever seen. 


Style Tips 101 gives us 20 unique eye make up looks they swear will make you drool. Unless otherwise getting severe dental work done (welcome to my two last weeks of life) tooth pulled and all- I don’t drool often. But I will admit the unicorn eye has me at hello. These looks go from Halloween to the Fourth is July! 


My 5 favorites are: 


1) Fourth of July Eye

With Gem and Jam stars in the corner and I must admit, I’ve never seen a red brow before. This look is giving me life!




2) Halloween Eye

Okay maybe I’m a lover of all things holiday but you’ve got to agree turning eyebrows into wicked tree branches is everything! 



3) Peacock Eye


I’m truly a fan of utilizing the space already given to you - even if it’s eyebrow hairs. This peacock blow out is a yes for me. 



4)Leopard Eye

So I say as a lover of Marvel and the Black Panther movie - this is all things Wakanda and I’m living for it! Just looking at the detail of the pattern climbing up the face is adoring. 



5) White and Blue 

This reminds me of Solo and Star Trek - is it just me? No you say? I’m getting leader of the universe and space ship fight all wrapped in one. Can you say R2D2!? Love this!



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