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Can your cell-phone clear up your acne?

Can your cell-phone clear up your acne?

By: Li Chen

Technology is changing our lives day by day, and now even the daily skincare. Below are three outstanding new tech.

Digital dermatology – Neutrogena introduce their Skin360’ app with their SkinScanner that can attach to your phone. It can analyses your skin condition and provide useful information and advice on your skin condition.

Wearable Sun Protection – L’Oréal introduce a battery-free wearable (on your thumbnail) electronic UV sensor. It will gather the data of your UV exposure to help you more efficiently protect you from the sun light.

Second Skin – Shiseido, a Japanese company, introduce a “breathable, flexible and nearly invisible artificial skin”. It can help product your skin from UV light, dust in air, and also keep your skin moisturized.

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High-tech skincare solutions set to shake up the industry this year.

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