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Yes! Talk with your mouth full!

Yes! Talk with your mouth full!

I am in LOVE with this new concept from super market retailers like Kroger! They are teaming up to embrace an effort to support and get behind more family meals at the table! 

The interesting is I think it is super genius! Here is the point, in our new millennial world we are wanting groceries delivered, apps to help us with our lunch meals and Uber drivers to pick it up and drop it off but there is absolutely no drone that can replace you at the dinner table! 

Once retailers determine facts around irreplaceable activities that are a must that will not only drive sales but drive a better community; everyone wins!This idea to have recipes in the store to assist moms and dinner preparers should be just the start. Let's add more helpers in store to really create that experience. Let's teach how to set tables and how to keep kids happy. I'd even say a smart move would be taking a hint of HGTV and bringing it in your stores. Even prepare dinners for shopping families. I can only hope that this entertainment and energy picks up and helps increase family meals. 

It's said that family time can be as big as a single factor that can increase over economic standards in a community. So Yes! I'm behind retailers getting behind me getting behind more meals at my table! I prepare and eat 2 meals a day with my family 5 days a week. On the weekends we do all 3 meals together. It's important and I don't think we should be abnormal. Yes, it's expensive and time intensive but our family is closer for it and I'm sure I'm contributing a small savings account to my local grocery chain! 


National Family Meals Month promotes social interaction, and much of the emphasis is on healthy eating. In fact, people who eat more family meals together tend to have healthier diets than other groups, said Borra, a registered dietitian.



- Psyche Terry 

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