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What is hair porosity and how does it affect my hair care choices?

What is hair porosity and how does it affect my hair care choices?

Everyone’s hair is different and finding out your specific hair type is crucial to finding the right products for your hair. One of the most important factors of your hair that should be considered is hair porosity.


Hair porosity is, simply put, the measurement of the hair’s ability to retain moisture. Your hair porosity is determined by various factors including genetics and hair type, but it can also be affected by heat damage and chemical use. 


To determine hair porosity, simply take a strand of hair and put it in a clear glass of water. If your hair has low porosity, it will float at the very top. This means that your hair does not allow much moisture to go into the hair. If your hair has medium/normal porosity, it will float around in the middle of the glass of water. It will not be at the very top, nor will it sink to the very bottom. This means that moisture is able to go in and out of the hair strand, and your hair will retain and absorb moisture easily. If your hair has a high porosity, it will sink to the very bottom of the cup of water. This means that your hair is a bit too porous and moisture cannot be retained. 


For low porosity hair, try our Honey and Lemon Growth and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. This set allows for deep conditioning so hair, especially low porosity hair, can absorb and retain moisture. For medium/normal porosity hair, Honey Health and Repair or Rose and Hemp Dry Scalp Remedy haircare sets. These sets are great for hair that can properly retain moisture without weighing down the hair or leaving it dry. For high porosity hair, try our Jamaican Castor Oil collection to allow for moisture retention in the hair.

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